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Time management. Reconsidered.

Meaningful time management starts with philosophy, advances with science, and leads to a life of purpose.

/ Need time?

Do you want more time? Here’s a little secret: being more productive won’t help. How do I know this? You’re a lot more productive than the average person 50 years ago, but do you feel like you have more free time than them? Didn’t think so. The reason we don’t have time isn’t because we’re not productive. It’s because we are.

The Thinker - Good time management starts with philosophy

/ Time management

What is good time management? There can be no good time management without philosophy. We’re happiest when what we do with our time reflects what we believe in. That takes a willingness to fundamentally reconsider our relationship with time, money, loved ones, and work.

/ Talks & Workshops

Blending science and philosophy

You can manage your time more meaningfully. Combining the latest scientific research and timeless philosophical advice, my talks and workshops invite you to reconsider your relationship with time. They show you how to use your time to be happier, more mindful, and more fulfilled.

/ Consulting

Expert advice built on years of research

Employees and customers desire one thing more than money: quality time.  For more than 7 years I’ve conducted research on how organizations can do that while staying competitive. Time management is a philosophy that fundamentally changes organizational practices. As Peter Drucker put it, until we can manage time we can manage nothing else.

/ Brad Aeon

Researcher and time management expert​

I do research on time management to help people live a better life.

I have been conducting research for years, but time management is a lifelong passion. It has helped me live the life I want. That’s why I want to share my insights with as many people as possible.