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Get your team back on track with evidence-based time management training

Unparalleled Expertise

Brad Aeon is a leading expert in the field of time management. He did his Ph.D. on the topic and has been helping organizations reach new levels of productivity and wellbeing with his evidence-based training.

Brad’s training is based on the latest scientific evidence and provides practical tools and techniques that can be implemented right away and produce powerful outcomes in terms of productivity, feeling in control of one’s time, and work-life balance.

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High ROI with Lasting Effects

The evidence is clear: time management training can significantly boost productivity. Brad Aeon’s time management training for organizations is evidence-based and rooted in the latest scientific evidence.

With his training, your organization can expect to see a 26% average increase in productivity.

But the impact doesn’t stop there: the training can also have a positive effect on motivation, wellbeing, and mental health, with an average increase of 56% in mental health reported.

Source: Aeon, B., Faber, A., & Panaccio, A. (2021). Does time management work? A meta-analysis. PLOS ONE, 16(1).

Proven Results

Brad Aeon’s time management training has been proven to help numerous world-class companies boost productivity and wellbeing. His approach has been trusted and implemented both in the for-profit and non-profit sector.
With his training, you can achieve the same results and see powerful outcomes in terms of productivity and feeling in control of your time.

World-Class Companies Rely on Brad Aeon's Training

Increase your team's performance...

...while also taking care of their mental health.

Productivity and mental health are not mutually exclusive.

They reinforce each other.

Increase productivity

Training based on the latest research to improve productivity in the long term.

Improve mental health

Reduce stress, prevent burnout, and improve work-life balance.

Create a positive culture

Cultivate a culture that thrives on performance, balance, and wellbeing.