I’m Brad Aeon, Time Management Expert

I do research, public speaking, and workshops on time management.

Expertise Area


I organize workshops to help people manage their time meaningfully

Public Speaking

I give talks to share cutting-edge insights on time management with the public


My research sheds light on how, why, and when time management works.


People often come to me with questions about productivity and the latest time management tricks. But without fail, the conversation always turns philosophical. Is this all there is to life? What is the point of all this? Are all these crazy hours I spend at work worth the sacrifice? If not, what should I do with my time instead? You, too, may have asked yourself these questions.

That’s because time management is not just about tricks, hacks, and shortcuts. Time management is about philosophy. The ancient philosophers were obsessed with this one simple question: How do we manage time in a way that makes our life meaningful?

My priority is not to make you more efficient. My priority is to make sure you’re fulfilled and happy with the way you use your time.

Come for the tips and tricks, stay for the philosophy.


What people say about me

"Most people see in time management an efficient way of working where Brad sees a way of life. He brings a radical approach to a field ruled by conventions, putting his keen scientific mind to a simple task: teaching us to treat time as the most valuable resource we have. His work is as much philosophical as practical—a sentiment he espouses wholeheartedly."

Joseph Bonfils

E-Commerce Operations Manager, Jet-Setter.ca

"Brad helped me not only to be more efficient but also produce better quality work. I now focus better on everything I do, whether it’s research or playing the guitar"

Joel Bothello

Professor, Concordia U.

"Brad gave some really insightful tips and techniques that helped me organize my time. Because of this, I am able to better contextualize how I use my time as well as use strategies that keep me on track towards continuous growth and progress."

Maara Dunbar


Let's talk! For time management reasons, I am not on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other time sinks. But you can e-mail me at time@bradaeon.com or fill out the following form. Phone number on request. Thank you and have a great day! Contact Icon