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Time management. Reconsidered.

/ Need time?

Do you want more time? Here’s a little secret: being more productive won’t help. How do I know this? You’re a lot more productive than the average person 50 years ago, but do you feel like you have more free time than them? Didn’t think so. The reason people don’t have time isn’t because they’re not productive. It’s because they are.

/ Time management

What is good time management? There can be no good time management without philosophy. Good time management is not about productivity. It’s about figuring out why you would even need to be productive in the first place. Time management is about making your schedule a reflection of your philosophy; about living, through time, what you truly believe in. 

/ Talks & Workshops

Blending science and philosophy

My talks and workshops help people manage time more meaningfully. I draw on the latest scientific research to show how people can use their time to be happier, more mindful, and more fulfilled. Using timeless philosophical advice, I invite people to fundamentally reconsider their relationship with time. 

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/ The philosophy of time management

Want to know more about what philosophical time management looks like? Check out this TED Talk.

/ Brad Aeon

Researcher and time management expert

I have been conducting research on time management for the past 7 years. I can help.